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Effective evidence-based treatments

Helping you and your loved ones through the most difficult times in life, when everything seems mentally confused, is our purpose as a clinic. For this, we only use treatments and therapies with proven clinical results.

A touch of care in every situation

Our psychologists always ensure that you receive optimal treatment. We combine years of experience with empathy, warmth and understanding, recognizing our patients, above all, as people, with unique needs, imperfections and experiences. Our commitment is to help you have a happy and normal life.

Psychological Mediation

The role of mediation is of paramount importance regarding the renegotiation of new configurations of family relationships. Divorce causes grief, changes in the family and the need for new roles. Mediation helps spouses redefine their parenting roles and create family boundaries through negotiation to avoid possible future disputes.

Keywords: mediation, divorce, family, conflicts, children.

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Domestic Violence

It helps to establish positive bonds through therapeutic interaction, alleviate their mental suffering and identify possible symptoms or common psychiatric illnesses in the lived context, such as depression, self-mutilation and isolation.

Keywords: psychological care, marital violence.

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Couple Psychotherapy

It aims to improve the couple’s specific difficulties and help their relationship. Both partners participate, focusing on the interaction between them and the problems they are experiencing. Through Couple Therapy, the couple learns of the points of view and ways of interacting and communicating that have to be changed.

Keywords: marriage, marital conflict, couple therapy, problem-solving.

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Brief Psychotherapy

Attention should focus on a specific patient’s complaint, dealt with after analysing the patient’s condition and time, determining the end of psychotherapy.

Keywords: brief psychotherapy, complaint, focus, given time.

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Psychosomatic Diseases

They are caused by an individual’s emotional problems and represent the direct link between emotional and physical health. When psychological suffering somehow ends up causing or aggravating a physical illness. When the body speaks, it is necessary to listen—complaints of physical pain, including anxiety, depression and phobias.

Keywords: psychosomatic illnesses; Relationship mind, psychological suffering and body.

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We don’t know how strong we are until we look for that strength.

We don’t know how strong we are until we look for that strength.

In her mission as an oncology psychologist, Elaine Sutil has rebuilt her strength and positioned herself with precious professionalism by providing security, emotional support and psychological treatment to cancer patients and their families.

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