Communication problems, lack of emotional affection and distance, episodes of extramarital affairs, and unrealistic expectations in relation to the other or the relationship are reported by couples who resort to couple and family therapy.

The demand for external and internal changes that a couple encounters over time, which become even more complex nowadays, can threaten the dynamics of the family nucleus. With or without children, the coexistence between two people goes through several changes and routines; this is not a simple process, and many spouses face multiple adversities in terms of communication.

“At any stage of life, our relationships and families provide us with joy and challenges. Learning to manage stress, to understand our emotions and behaviours and to communicate effectively can help to strengthen our emotional health as well as connections with the important people in our lives.”

Why do Couple and/or Family Therapy?

Each person has individual questions and lives with their values and principles, so each couple (or family) is unique. Couple therapy can help each member of the couple understand the different issues in their relationship and learn to overcome difficulties.

In Family and/or Conjugal Therapy, members of the couple or the family nucleus are motivated to expose themselves more openly, communicating their concerns and perspectives on reality to the other. Many couples do this procedure for the first time in these sessions, only later realizing that working together can benefit their relationship. In consultations (in person or online), couples can find the ideal environment and context so mutual knowledge of the relationship is expanded and the connection between them improved, resulting in greater intimacy and satisfaction with the partner.

Sometimes, one spouse is not motivated for this category of therapy, but during the process, and as they understand the difficulties in their relationship better, they are ready to change their behaviour and/or communication. Commencement of therapy can be demanding, as changes are being made in various dimensions. Throughout the therapeutic process, these are worked to achieve the expected results.

Individual Therapy or Therapy for Two?

Knowing how to listen and communicate what you feel is the first challenge for any couple. Therefore, it has been increasingly common for couples and families to resort to clinics, where each element is invited to explain their situation and their perception of it.

However, some spouses prefer to report their experience alone with the therapist, without their partner present. Sometimes, this is the best way for the person to feel motivated to understand their relationship with their spouse or others and improve their communication.

Online and Face-to-Face Consultations

Couple and Family Therapy can be performed in person in the office or through video call consultations.

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Focus on Relationships

Focus on Relationships

The family therapist improves interactions within the family system and performs a message recoding process, allowing for greater understanding of their communications.

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